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Jim Gentil - Mr. Positive!


Jim Gentil makes magic. With his dynamic Keynote performances on the power of positive thinking, this motivational humorist shows people how to create true success. He makes magic by giving his audiences the skills to transform their entire lives. He gives them the capacity to have a TOOL - Terrific Outlook On Life. Jim is a favorite at conventions, corporate meetings and association conferences. His humor and magic are both fun and entertaining. With Jim, however, the message lives on LONG after the presentation is over. His stories of using your personal positive power will inspire and energize you for the rest of your life. Audiences leave light-hearted, refreshed and rejuvenated. Yes, Jim Gentil makes magic! But when it comes to the life-changing messages in Jim's positive presentations... well now...that's REAL magic!

"Jim was great and his jokes were hilarious! It's hard keeping everyone's attention on the last day of an event, but he kept their interest. He was the best closing keynote I've heard!" – LaToya Scott

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