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Mr. Positive Jim Gentil knows you can succeed. He's positive! That's why he was honored by the Texas Legislature with a Resolution recognizing him as "MR. POSITIVE."  His passion is in showing others the miraculous successes that can be achieved through cultivating a positive attitude. This is a message he's been delivering in various ways throughout his entire lifetime.  Jim began touching people's spirits when he worked as a teacher for 14 years, both here in the U.S. and abroad in Germany and Korea. While in Korea, Dow Chemical became aware of his tremendous, positive rapport with people, and offered him the position of Human Resources Manager. He later became Dow's Public Relations Manager and Corporate TV News Anchor.  During the final portion of his 25 years with Dow, his positive attitude landed him the position of Lobbyist and Manager of State Government Relations.  Jim retired from Dow in 1996 and moved to Austin, TX, where he became Executive Director of the Start-Right Foundation, an educational firm founded to provide positive learning materials and training programs.  Jim is the author of a several success guidebooks, The 60 Second System of Success, Positive People Power!, How to Make Every Hour in Your Life - Happy Hour!, Words to Live By, and Positive Spiritual Living

 In addition he publishes two newsletters. There's a weekly Positive People Power! which reaches thousands of subscribers residing in all 50 U.S. States as well as over 30 countries around the world. There is also the bi-weekly Positive Spiritual Living designed to help you during the rough times. A master magician, Jim has entertained executives of the Fortune 500 Companies around the world, and has performed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. His magic tricks and spontaneous humor have earned him countless standing ovations. But the real magic lies in his message of the power of positive living, which not only entertains, but literally transforms the lives of those who receive it. Jim Gentil is making the world a more positive place, one audience member at a time.

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