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Meeting planner comments


Dear Jim:


Thank you for speaking at our Regional Administrative Services Forum in Abilene. You certainly lived up to your reputation as “Mr. Positive”. The employees in attendance have continued to remark as to the wonderful time they had and how much they enjoyed your two presentations. And, of course, we can’t leave out the magic. The stories you told were thought provoking and reminded each of us that we can choose to live a better life, for our own good as well as for the greater good of society. We feel privileged that you were able to spend the entire day with us and share multiple times together with the POWER affirmations of “I feel fantastic! I feel great! I feel super!” Keep up the good work…we highly recommend your services as an inspirational speaker to others. - Terry Smith, Regional Director for Administrative ServicesHealth & Human Services Commission


Jim gave an interesting presentation involving inspirational and motivation remarks with magic tricks. He was both informative and educational. This unique presentation stays with you long after his presentation is over. He uses humor to discuss how small changes in your life can make a dramatic impact. He then follows with a magic trick to help you remember the changes. Our chapter allows 40 minutes for our monthly speaker so he just hit the highlights from his complete presentation. I can only imagine how humorist and fantastic an entire seminar would be. Our Chapter would strongly recommend Jim as a presenter. Deanna Moczygemba Program Chairman - Treaty Oak Chapter American Business Women’s Association Austin, Texas



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